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Surrey Board of Trade Disappointed with Transit Plebiscite Results – Transportation to Remain a Key Priority for Surrey

The Transit Plebiscite Results are:

% of valid votes voting Yes-38.32%
% of valid votes voting No-61.68%

The Question was: Do you support a new 0.5% Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax, to be dedicated to the Mayors' Council transportation and transit plan?

The Surrey Board of Trade, its Directors and Transportation Team, will work with the City of Surrey, the Province and the Federal Government’s, and other partners to ensure that Surrey gets the Transportation and Transit improvements that it needs.

“Transportation, in addition to Education, is a key foundation of driving an economy”, said Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade.

Further, the Mayors’ Council will now have to discuss what options are available to them. The Mayor’s need to continue working collaboratively with the provincial government.

“Surrey is a strategic economic area for this province. Light Rail Transit (LRT) and other projects will remain a key priority for the Surrey Board of Trade”, said Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade.

If the tax would have passed, these monies would have been used to pay for more buses, roads, a new Pattullo Bridge and a light rail line, transit exchanges, increased SkyTrain, West Coast Express and SeaBus service and new bikeways.

For the full Results go to:   


Surrey Board of Trade presents Surrey Child and Family Friendly Workplace Award to Surrey business: Obsidian Property Management Ltd.

The presentation of the 4th Annual Surrey Board of Trade Surrey Child and Family Friendly Workplace Awards, sponsored by the BC Human Resources Management Association, took place on Wednesday, June 17th at the 51st Surrey Board of Trade Chair’s Dinner and Annual General Meeting. The winner was ‘Obsidian Property Management’.

As part of the Surrey Board of Trade’s Leadership Surrey Program which began four years ago –we are pleased to showcase a business that has created workplaces that support their employees in both their work and child/family responsibilities.

At Obsidian Property Management, the work-life balance of employees is a founding principle, and as such, takes priority.  Strata managers are often asked to work long hours in the office, and then attend client meetings in the evening, they are often on call for client emergencies, and must be able to respond immediately.  Because of this, Obsidian was founded on the philosophy that a successful work-life balance leads to success in business.

At Obsidian, every employee is supplied with a remote desktop login, allowing them to access files from anywhere when necessary, and phone/email systems are tied into employees’ smartphones.  As the work-life balance is so important at Obsidian, a simple policy was put in place that states: if an employee is getting work done, meeting goals, and the clients are happy, time-off/sick leave is unlimited. This policy, among many others, is what has made the team at Obsidian Property Management work hard to succeed, and to continue to grow the company to its full potential.

In the future, Obsidian will be working towards development of a group benefit program, training and education allowances for employees, licensing cost reimbursement, cell phone allowances, and transit programs.

“Workplaces are changing. Employees from all sectors are quick to list the changes they are experiencing in their workplaces: Globalization, technological advances, rise of non-standard employment/work hours, increased workload, greater learning pressures,” said Anita Huberman. “This is why the Surrey Board of Trade continues to showcase a Surrey business each year that shines above the rest of the applicants in our assessment of how the business manages flexibility in the workplace, supportive supervisors/managers, a culture that is family-friendly, alternative work arrangements and a recognition of child and elder care issues.”


Surrey Board of Trade Youth Leaders Team Gives to Local Charity

 At the Surrey Board of Trade’s 51st Chair’s Dinner and Annual General Meeting on June 17th, a donation was made to Covenant House in the amount of $887.50. This donation was made by the Surrey Board of Trade-Junior Achievement Youth Leaders Team, sponsored by Envision Financial. The monies are the net profits from the Youth Team’s business, a five month project where a group of twenty-two Grade 10-12 students start a business, choose a product, sell their products, liquidate their assets, pay themselves as shareholders and give back to the community - all mentored by the Surrey Board of Trade, Junior Achievement of BC, and Envision Financial.


Surrey Board of Trade Supports Metro Vancouver’s Organic Waste and Clean Wood Waste Disposal Ban

- Financial Enforcement begins July 1, 2015

The Surrey Board of Trade strongly supports Metro Vancouver’s Organics and Clean Wood Waste Disposal Ban as it addresses the diversion and beneficial reuse of such waste providing significant benefits to the environment and the region.

“This is an innovative solution to manage waste in our landfills,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

For both the bans (organics and clean wood), the effective date was January 1, 2015. From 1 January 2015-30 June 2015, the bans were enforced through education. From 1 July 2015, financial enforcement will begin, which will involve heavy surcharges if loads of waste received at regional waste disposal facilities are found to be non-compliant.

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