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Surrey International Trade Awards

The Surrey Board of Trade is proud to have initiated this event. This event speaks to the reality that Surrey businesses are part of the global economic equation. Countries cannot live in isolation. They have to mutually share their prosperity, technical know-how and undertake trade in order to sell their surplus products. The world economy is inter-dependent. Economic progress of a nation depends upon its ties with other countries.

The Economic Advantage of International Trade:

  1. Monetary gains to the respective country indulging in trade.
  2. More variety of goods available for consumers.
  3. Better quality of goods.
  4. Competition both at the international level as well as local level.
  5. Closer ties between nations.
  6. More exchange of technical know-how.
  7. Local producers will try to improve the quality of their products.
  8. Increase in employment locally.

The Surrey International Trade Awards! The Surrey International Trade Awards provide recognition for the success of import and export achievement, raises awareness of the vital contribution international trade makes to B.C.’s economy and provides a catalyst for companies to reach even higher levels of excellence.

The International Team accepts applications from businesses that met the criteria which included the following areas of focus:

  • The degree of innovation in the marketing strategy
  • Trade growth achieved and the ability to sustain that growth
  • Evidence of sustainable competitive advantage
  • Value of exporting to the applicant over time
  • The overall company commitment to international business

Click here to download the nomination form for 2014. Deadline to submit nominations is Monday, April 7, 2014 at 5:00pm.

Sample Financial Health Letter is available for download here.

The event will take place on May 8, 2014 from 5:30-9:30pm (Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel - 15269 104 Avenue, Surrey). More information on the event will be available on the events calendar.


2013 Winners

The winner of the Small Business International Trade Award: Safe Software Inc!
Safe Software is the global leader in spatial data transformation technology. FME technology helps organizations use and share location-based (or spatial) data. Primarily focused on meeting the needs Geographic Information System and Computer-aided design and drafting Mapping industries, FME’s unique capability to deliver unlimited flexibility in restructuring, reformatting and integrating data in more than 250 spatial and non-spatial formats represents the technology’s core competitive advantage. FME is used by thousands of customers in more than 116 countries in a wide range of industries, and is sold worldwide through an expansive network of more than 50 value-added resellers and system integrators across 6 continents.  FME makes it possible to transform spatial data to use and share.  It solves more spatial data transformation challenges across more formats than any other solution, making it easier for professionals to solve data interoperability headaches and help their organizations meet their business goals and required standards.


Winner of the Large Business International Trade Award: FRUITICANA
When the founder of Fruiticana visited the Lower Mainland nine years ago, he was surprised to notice that there were not any markets selling superior quality Indian produce. He immediately began to explore opportunities for importing spices, produce, and other hard to find Indian food items from his homeland, and was able to open the business – a produce store providing superior quality products to his clientele.  They are proud to directly employ 150 Canadians in their stores, as well as another 25 indirectly through the shipping of products. The founder has been running a wholesale business that not only supplies the stores, but clients all over the world. Their mission is to provide Canada with the flavours and the culinary traditions of India. Today, they not only supply their own stores but stores in Alberta, Winnipeg, California, Singapore, and Hong Kong, among others. They import fruits, vegetables, groceries, lentils, over 300 spices, over 20 different types of dal, milk/dairy products, juices/pops. The company has established a Global Product Network that includes transportation-logistics, a distribution channel, working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


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Surrey International Trade Awards

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