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Top 25 Under 25 Awards

The Surrey Board of Trade recognizes business and community minded people under the age of 25, either working in Surrey or working on a business or community related project in/for Surrey.  The top 25 winners are annually recognized as a role model for their community at an awards reception on May 26, 2016 from 5:30-8pm at Eaglequest Golf Course. For more information on this event or to register, please go to the events calendar on this website. For more information, please contact Brianne Colbert, Event Marketing Coordinator at



2015 WINNERS: Photos from 2015 event

The 5th Annual Surrey’s Top 25 Under 25 Awards Reception, celebrates the incredible initiatives of Surrey’s youth 25 years old or younger, held Thursday, May 28, 2015 from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. at Eaglequest Golf Course (7778 152 St, Surrey).

The 25 winners were chosen based upon their business or community achievements, leadership ability, community involvement, professional achievements and uniqueness of their business or community projects.

Keynote Speaker: Marco Ianuzzi, Harvard Graduate, Grey Cup champion, Investment Advisor, philanthropist
Master of Ceremonies: Tanya Fletcher, News1130

Co-Presenting Sponsors: Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Simon Fraser University

Supporting Sponsor: Century Group 


The winners are, with their age:




Amanbir Atwal

Youth Transforming Society (YTS)

Why can’t the youth make an impact in the community? Try stopping Amanbir Atwal as she co-founded “Youth Transforming Society” (YTS). YTS is a student-run group that aims to raise awareness for global issues and encourage community volunteerism. Amanbir has helped fundraise $6,250 for four projects spanning from 2011-2013 for areas of the world in a crisis such as Haiti and West Africa. YTS has grown over the past 5 years, as the organization consists of 15 members and 100 volunteers; and they have prepared breakfast for over 600 homeless individuals in 2014 alone. In addition to helping YTS expand its initiative, she has also served more than 2,000 hours of volunteer service within the community. Amanbir also stayed focused in the classroom, setting an example for others by maintaining a 4.0 GPA at Seaquam Secondary, and is now at UBC working towards her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Physiology.


Angus Lin

Think Forward, Think Recycling

People often express the importance of recycling paper and plastic in order to conserve the environment, yet recycling items such as ink cartridges, pens and light bulbs are often dismissed despite also contributing to unsustainable development. Angus Lin co-founded a community campaign called ‘Think Forward, Think Recycling’. It is dedicated to encouraging and spreading awareness about the importance of recycling all types of materials. The campaign utilizes a Facebook page, serving as a platform for the community to cohesively share and access resources for their recycling projects. He maintains a 99% cumulative average in Grade 12 and is also enrolled in the rigorous Science Academy program at Fraser Heights Secondary School. And he is a concurrent studies student at Simon Fraser University. His leadership in the LEO Club, Environment Club and Global Green Alliance as well as hospital and other fundraisers show Angus’ tenacious drive to relentlessly challenge the status-quo to make things better for his community and for others.







Calvin Tiu

Frontiers Poetics: KPU's Rap Outreach Project

Learning to be brave and speaking up can sometimes be more difficult for others, but Calvin Tiu understood that there were ways to help those individuals. Through the art of rap he was able to provide relief and a way out of being quiet. A voice was born with this epiphany and there was no looking back. After receiving sponsorships and support from Coca Cola and the Faculty of Arts from KPU, he and partner Rick “Big Love” Kumar toured 16 high schools across the Lower Mainland to share their message about the power of language, the written word, anti-bullying, peer mentorship, lifelong friendship, and community building through creativity. He also decided to fund a bursary along with his partner Calvin, with the proceeds from a CD they made being put to use for a struggling Arts student. Calvin delivered the valedictorian speech at his convocation and has graduated with an Arts degree from KPU. In addition to this, Calvin serves as the Treasurer for both the Kwantlen English Commons and the Kwantlen Film Club. Despite the challenge of having to overcome the physical disability of cerebral palsy, he is close to finishing his Bachelor of Arts degree from KPU.


Deepak Sharma

Simon Fraser Student Society / #WESAYYES FOR TRANSIT!

The Simon Fraser Student Society is an independent organization that represents over 26,000 undergraduate students at SFU. However, only a select few are able to stand out from the crowd and represent the organization with leadership and a clear sense of direction. Deepak Sharma is certainly one of these few individuals who has stepped up to the plate and taken on a great deal of responsibility. He was elected as a Board of Director and was also appointed to be the SFU Surrey Campus Liaison. In this role he worked extremely hard to create and maintain relationships with the City of Surrey, Surrey Board of Trade, SFU Surrey Administration, SFU Surrey Students, and Central City Safeway. While doing this, he advocated for the YES side in regards to the current Transit Plebiscite. One has to be vocal when representing an entire organization, and the board never doubted Deepak’s ability to take charge and pave the way for a remarkable campaign. He is very active within the community and can be seen attending stakeholder meetings with the City of Surrey, arranging Transit rallies and student fairs, as well as hosting meetings with student representatives from all parts of the Lower Mainland. Deepak has now been elected for a second term and will serve as Vice President. In this role he will continue to make a huge impact as one of his projects will be organizing the first ever TEDXSURREY conference.


Ekam Nagra

Ball Don't Stop Basketball

In a day and age where we are able to discover news around the world at our fingertips, the internet has become a powerful tool for many. It is always interesting to see what people can do with their creativity, and Ekam Nagra has done just that with his website known as “”; a website that specializes in reporting the latest news and events around the NBA (National Basketball Association). This passion for basketball came from an early age as he played the game himself at a high level on the high school stage. Aside from being the founder of this news outlet that has gained a following of over 17,000 followers on Facebook, he has also coached a basketball academy of over 150 students in the past year alone. It is of extreme importance for Ekum to give back to the community, and his passion and enthusiasm for the game touches the hearts of many young, aspiring players who hope to one day be like him. He has opened many doors for others to join his academy, as those who are willing to volunteer and share their knowledge of basketball are always welcome. His story is truly an inspiration all young South Asian boys in this community and he has built a base for many more to follow along in his footsteps.


Felicia Rafael

Beneath One Sky Community Support Society

Hard works always pays off, and during these efforts a work ethic is built that can only make one stronger. Felicia Rafael has given her time and efforts to many causes resulting in great results. She started with “Beneath One Sky” and was an excellent leader for the organization having facilitated board meetings and she also actively engages those around her in discussions about sustainable solutions to poverty. As President currently of Beneath One Sky Community Support Society, she still remains humble and takes the time out to still be a part of the team on the ground collecting donations and spreading the word. In addition to this, her responsibilities include managing finances and creating budgets. She also holds a position as a Recreation Worker for the City of Langley, and was the recipient of a SASSY Award in 2013. Felicia graduated in the spring of 2013 from SFU with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, an extended minor in Humanities and a certificate in Social Justice. Most recently, Felicia was accepted into the JET Programme.


Gloria Yu

Junior Team Canada Ambassador / SDC Blue Ribbon Foundation / Fraser Heights Model UN Conference

Being a highly involved student is sometimes difficult, as one has to choose where they should be devoting their time, and how they will allocate their days, but for Gloria Yu the decision process was not overly difficult. She devoted most of her time to student-lead non-profit organizations such as SDC Blue Ribbon Foundation. It is an organization that aims to empower both youth with disabilities and those without through cross-companionate connections and friendships. It is important in life to be able to have people that can support you and those you can spend time with, and Gloria values these relationships at a high level. Model United Nations is another place Gloria devoted a lot of her time to, as students would come together on the weekends to discuss world issues and represent specific countries. It’s an excellent way for youth to be involved and it helps improve social and public speaking skills. Currently, she is leading a team of 10 to organize a premium conference for delegates and staff alike. It is also noteworthy that her position is the Secretary General for FHMUN (Fraser Heights Model United Nations Conference). Gloria is now in grade 11 attending Fraser Heights Secondary. She hopes to one day pursue further education in business and international relations.


Jaskirat Sahni

Girls Empowered

A person is never too young to start their own movement if they know exactly what they need to do to accomplish their goals and dreams. Jaskirat Sahni founded an initiative known as “Girls Empowered” at the age of 15. This movement focuses on initiating local projects targeting many issues women face in their day-to-day lives including domestic violence, abuse and inequality, while assisting them in the local and global communities via fundraising and spreading awareness. With over 100 members, the group strives to work as a team to achieve goals and it has been an effective strategy. To date, the organization has sponsored 4 elementary school girls for a full year of education. “Girls Empowered” has caught the attention of Premier Christy Clark as well as the Mayor of Surrey, as these efforts certainly have not gone unnoticed. Jaskirat is now in grade 12 at Panorama Ridge Secondary and will be graduating in June to pursue a Bachelor of Science at UBC in the fall.


Jeremy Pearce

Transit Watch

Jeremy Pearce is a man with a mission- he became passionate about the transit system after a visit from Chief Neil Dubord of the Transit Police at the SFU Surrey Campus. He was concerned about improving the safety of users and he had approached Chief Dubord with the idea of having civilian volunteers provide extra eyes and an overall presence particularly during peak crime periods. In January, the Transit Chief Council approved a pilot program for 12 months. It goes to show that an individual with a brilliant idea should always speak up and present his or her vision to the proper authorities. Jeremy was rewarded for his plan and general concern for the wellbeing of all citizens within the community who were utilizing transit. A part from being an activist for transit safety, he was a four year student-athlete at SFU. During this time he received several awards and accomplished many great feats including the Terry Fox Award for overcoming adversity and giving back to the community, the Big Brother of the Year Nominee in recognition of his volunteer work with the organization, as well as the Victor V. Spencer Award in Football. The consistency in his volunteer work is clearly displayed, as he also founded a community outreach program called “SFU Team Up” that has now fundraised a remarkable amount of $20,000 for local charities.


Jessica Kim

Musician Impact Network Society

Music is an element in life many of us enjoy, as we use it for occasions of all sorts whether they are in times of happiness or sorrow. There are musicians who audiences would pay hundreds of dollars to see for the performance of a lifetime; and there are also many individuals and families who unfortunately cannot afford to attend the concerts of their dreams. Then there are people like Jessica Kim, gifted musicians who want to share their talent with the world for no cost at all. The only price of admission is happiness and relieving those who are in more vulnerable places of their life. Jessica founded Musician Impact Network Society (MINS), and its mission is to enhance the lives of vulnerable populations by providing music performance services to residential care facilities in the Fraser Health Authority. MINS is currently being offered in Surrey and Langley, and will soon be expanding to other parts of the province due to its instrumental success and impact on those who come across it. It is inspiring to see someone of Jessica’s nature to be dedicating so much of her and sharing her talents along with others to those in need. Currently, Jessica is the Social Media Director on the Executive Council at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) – Simon Fraser University Chapter. She is continuing to work hard on expanding MINS and growing the program as much as possible to ensure that everyone can feel the joy of music.  


Kanwalnain K. Grewal


Red FM

It takes a great deal of responsibility to be a voice in the community that people will listen to and depend on- that is exactly who Kanwalnain is. She’s a passionate individual who has been provided with the opportunity to share her enthusiasm for discussing topics with others through a prominent radio station known as “Red” 93.1 FM on a show called “Sade Bache Sada Virsa.” She feels the community has been a significant factor in her development as a person and she would like to give back to ensure others are being heard. Kanwalnain discusses important topics such as academic success, bullying, environmental responsibility, community involvement, multiculturalism, and career planning. A key component of her program is acknowledging youth that have made contributions within the community and young guests are invited to the show to discuss what they have done so others can learn and perhaps follow along one day. She has spent over 1,000 hours dedicating her time to this show and her passion for it only continues to grow. Kanwalnain was also chosen to be a part of an international documentary project known as, “Shoot for the Moon.” It features her efforts to maintain multiculturalism in the community along with connecting with the youth. She is also currently studying at the Beedie School of Business (SFU) and is on the Dean’s Honour Roll.


Keri Van Gerven

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Keri Van Gerven has exemplified that she is a model employee and excellent student when in the classroom. She acts as Chief of Staff for the President’s Office at KPU and plays a pivotal role in ensuring the effectiveness and productivity of the executive team. Keri represented the university at many events within the community and was clearly more than just an ambassador the post secondary institution- she was also a voice for the community. Some of Keri’s responsibilities included making arrangements for the Chancellor and honorary degree recipients, as well as ensuring that the entire academic procession is organized and seated. In her spare time she gives her time as Boderfest Queen for Viking Lodge 81, she promotes traditional Norwegian culture and heritage, honouring her own family’s roots. She graduated from KPU in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. She is now exploring opportunities to undertake part time graduate studies.


Kiran Toor m


Those who understand that with a higher level of maturity comes a higher level of responsibility excel in life. Kiran Toor is the Founder and Executive Director of KidsPlay, which is an organization led towards providing opportunities for youth in the community. After acknowledging the high level of gangs, violence, and drugs that exists in Surrey, she decided to take action and created the program for youth to take part in sports activities and community projects- essentially components of one’s life that would keep them busy and prevent them from straying away to a darker path. Her initiative is being recognized as members of the Surrey RCMP and leaders from the local community are also offering their support. Today, the organization boasts over 100 volunteers, along with over 1,000 participants attending the latest event. Through her efforts, she has helped raise over $100,000 for various causes and has dedicated much of her life towards volunteering. After graduating from Semiahmoo Secondary, Kiran is now attending KPU working towards her Bachelor’s of Arts, however, she will be transferring to SFU this upcoming fall to complete her degree.


Lourence Singh

SOAR Philanthropic Society

Having achieved success and recognition from a young age, Lourence Singh is a true ambassador for the youth in our community. He received the Governor General’s Academic Medal for graduating at the top of his high school class. He is also a recipient of the Simon Fraser University Academic Excellence scholarship. He took school seriously, and worked hard to ensure that his coursework would prepare him one day when he started a job and ultimately his career. Skipping the forward button to the present day, he is a graduate of the Sauder School of Business and has been working in the financial department of SOAR Philanthropic Society as “Executive Sponsorship Specialist.” He advocates on behalf of the organization to form partnerships and receive sponsorships to provide students with the opportunity to receive scholarships and other forms of financial aid in order for them to attend a post secondary institution. Lourence truly understands the value of education and has always been passionate and dedicated towards this initiative. Aside from giving his time to the community, he is a young entrepreneur who has an importing business known as, “LorCorp Canada.” He also has generously given his time to serving as executive with “SoapForHope”, which is a local organization that works on providing innovative hand soap to local restaurants at a lower price in comparison to the competition.


Paige Glazier

Team Orange

Bullying is not something that should ever be tolerated and Paige Glazier understands the importance of that. She was the individual behind the campaign known as, “Orange you glad you’re not a bully?” She went back to school wanting to change her experiences from negative to positive and it was certainly an effective way to tackle the issue. The campaign has grown on a much larger scale, being offered as a free app on the Apple store. The application includes words of wisdom, encouragement, and information for victims of bullying. Elementary schools are also being offered presentations and the message is getting across the board. The Surrey RCMP and school board are also supporting her campaign known as “Step it Up.” She maintains a strong profile on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a website for the campaign and is doing her best to continue spreading the word of putting a stop to bullying. On the horizon is her first children’s book, which brings her “Team Orange” message of inclusion and acceptance to younger children with simple vocabulary. It is also to be noted that she has been nominated for the Canadian Living Me to We Awards 2015 for her constant efforts. Paige graduated Elgin Park Secondary in 2013 and is also an Ambassador for the White Rock Youth ambassador.


Puneet Sooch

Posh Makeup Studios / Various volunteer roles

Being a stellar student and making an impact in the classroom is one factor, however, taking the knowledge one has learned into the community can be a powerful asset. She pursued her career goals by attending university during the weekdays, and she also pursued her hobby in makeup during the weekends. Along with this, she has served time with Kid Start, PLEA Community Services of BC, the City of Surrey, and KPU’s History Students Society. To highlight just one of her many achievements, she is mentoring twelve year old girl who has gone through hardship and happens to be a foster child. Children who are brought the Kid Start program are at high risk, vulnerable, and facing emotional trauma- the level of responsibility required is of the highest standards and Puneet has always stepped up to the challenge. She spends at least 3 hours a week to encourage the child to make positive choices and develop her interests. Puneet has now graduated from KPU with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History, and minoring in Asian Studies.  


Rajan Dhaliwal

Matcon Canada / The Child Development Foundation of BC / Canasia Forest Industries

Students have the ability to learn the most at the post secondary level, given the resources and instructors they have been provided with, but few rise up to the challenge and take on more responsibilities after studying for courses. Rajan Dhaliwal was an active student at the University of Victoria, having been elected as a director-at-large for the institution for the University of Victoria Student Society (UVSS). A student population of over 20,000 chose him to represent the society and he took the reins with unquestionable effort and enthusiasm. Rajan was responsible for serving as a dual role service provider and advocacy organization. Rajan was involved and responsible for bringing students’ ideas to justice such as lowering fees and improving public transit. He also simultaneously chaired three golfing tournaments that raised over $120,000 for local charities. Rajan has now completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria in Political Science. In the future he plans on returning to school to complete an MBA, but would like to gain relevant work experience prior to doing so.


Rhythm Tang

Enactus SFU - Hunger Actions

The Hunger Actions program at Enactus SFU Surrey relieves parents from the stress of balancing their family health with their financial well-being. For many low-income parents in the Lower Mainland, cooking nutritious food for their young children proves to be a daunting task. With 17 volunteers carrying various roles on the team including workshop coordinators, curriculum managers and administrative managers, the Hunger Actions program conducts a 4-week long workshop series focused on financial literacy, nutrition and cooking skills. They host the workshops in Surrey (Bridgeview Community Center and work with the BC Ministry of Social Development based in Surrey. Rhythm has demonstrated leadership skills in the creative and research aspect of the product development for her team. Rhythm is a 2nd year business student studying at SFU. She received and is currently maintaining the Gordon M. Shrum Major Entrance Scholarship to SFU, valued at $24,000. Selection was based on 97% entering GPA and participation in various school activities. Rhythm received the SFU Venture Co-op 2014 Fall Placement to develop her first dessert catering business, SugarCraft Catering. Rhythm achieved the rank of Warrant Officer First Class at a local Air Cadet Squadron, was named the Top Non-Commissioned Officer in BC in 2013 and was later named as one of the top 6 cadets in Canada in 2014. And she was the Recipient of the Lord Strathcona Medal for teaching financial literacy skills to teen mothers at Guildford Park Secondary. And she was the Recipient of the Gold Level Duke of Edinburgh Award, presented by the Honorable Prince Edward, earl of Wessex at the Government House.


Rick Kumar

Frontiers Poetics: KPU's Rap Outreach Project

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of rap in your life. That’s the message that Rick “Big Love” Kumar is trying to spread to those with an open ear and an honest heart. With sponsorships from Coca-Cola and the Faculty of Arts from Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), him and a friend (Calvin “Kalvonix” Tiu) embarked on a four-month outreach program to assist adolescents by finding a voice in writing and promoting KPU Arts. Rick took this interactive workshop to 16 high schools throughout Surrey, Langley, and Richmond to share their message about the power of language, the written word, anti-bullying, peer mentorship, lifelong friendship, and community building through creativity. Rick has always been very active, serving as the President of two university associations: the Kwantlen English Commons and the Kwantlen Film club. He also expands his time into the broader community by advocating to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention on behalf of MLA Sue Hammell. If this isn’t enough, Rick decided to fund a bursary along with his partner Calvin, with the proceeds from a CD they made being put to use for a struggling Arts student. He also delivered the valedictorian speech at his convocation and has graduated with an Arts degree from KPU.


Ridge Pinto

SFU / Canadian Cancer Society / Sport Chek / Microsoft

If there is a jack-of-all-trades, Ridge Pinto must be considered one of them as it takes a remarkable type of individual to be as highly skilled as he is in so many areas. As a highly engaged student, athlete, professional, and community activist he has represented Surrey in high standing. Being an accomplished individual on an early stage, he won a bronze medal for Team Surrey in the Western Challenge Ball Hockey Championships while only being 17; and he also happens to be the youngest individual to ever be hired by FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) at the age of 18. Shortly after this he would notch another impressive internship with the prestigious Canadian Security Intelligence Service in Ottawa. Closer to home, he studies at SFU and is also employed there as a Teaching Assistant. Ridge’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as he was awarded a national “Royal Bank of Canada Students Leading Change” Scholarship. He was only 1 of 10 recipients nationwide and it speaks volumes as to how hard he has worked to be a vital member of our community. In addition to also working at Sport Chek, Ridge will be taking his talents to a highly coveted position at Microsoft during the summer. What is truly amazing is even after working, he decides to still be actively involved in the community giving up more time he could utilizing for personal use and organized a “Be A Hero” campaign. It was a video incorporating police officers, professional athletes, professors and other influential figures within the community. It was a huge success, raising over $6,500 for the Canadian Cancer Society with a focus in pediatric cancer research.


Rizwan Qaiser

SFU's Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Association (IdEA)

Students attend university to learn and expand their knowledge, but it is those who dare to also act on what they have learned that truly make a difference. Rizwan Qaiser is a fourth year Management Informations Systems and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Student at SFU Surrey. During his time there, he has recognized the need for students to work across disciplines and is a founding member of SFU’s Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Association (IdEA). He has also assisted in the design and facilitation of innovation courses from the role of a Teaching Assistant and a Curriculum Development Assistant. Rizwan has made quite the impact as a teaching assistant, assisting in the development and facilitation of curriculum and activities for SFU’s first entrepreneurship and innovation class offered to all students representing any faculty of the university. He also participated in Beedie’s first Semester In Innovation with exchange students from Grenoble Ecole de Management and continually finds a way to manage all of his extra curricular activities along with his responsibilities outside of being a student. Many students have gone on to become teaching assistants, but very few have been as innovative and responsible in helping assist their school to a trendy, new direction. Rizwan will be graduating with a BBA from SFU in October 2015 with concentrations in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship and Innovation, along with a certificate in Business Technology Management. 


Scott Hargrove

Canada's Next Indycar Superstar

There is nothing wrong with being in the passenger’s seat, but when it comes time to take the wheel an individual better be prepared. Look no further than Scott Hargrove, who started driving karts from the age of 13 and never looked back. He won a championship during his first year of competition and has won the 2013 Indycar USF2000 championship, as well as winning the 2014 IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Canada Championship. Scott was also one of two drivers selected by Team Canada Scholarship to represent the nation at the prestigious 2013 British Formula Ford Festival in Brands Hatch racetrack in England where he finished in 4th place out of 57 positions. While pursuing his dream of racing, Scott also sets time aside to visit Children’s Hospitals in the cities he travels to, helping out where he can one smile at a time. He has also worked the phones at the CKNW Orphans Fund and at the Variety Club Show of Hearts Telethon for the past 2 years. In 2013, Scott graduated from Surrey Christian High School with high marks despite missing much of the school year and he plans on returning to school sometime in the future to pursue a degree in either science or engineering.


Sean Warwick

AFK Game Development Symposium

If one is passionate about something in life, why should they not share their enthusiasm for it with others? Sean Warwick never shied away from his love affair with gaming, and he was able to create a unique in partnership with SFU called, “The AFK” (Away From Keyboard) game development symposium. He is the Founder and Main Coordinator of the event and was also able to gain some serious support and sponsorships from some of the local games companies. Sean provided an opportunity for students who had made game developments to showcase their efforts to a panel consisting of game designers and developers. Sometimes there are resources and people who have high standing in the industry in question that one could be interested in; and opportunities to meet with them and receive opinions does not come by every day. Sean recognized this having understood how many unknown talented individuals existed within the community and created an amazing event for them to be recognized. Sean is an undergraduate student in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. He has designed several games through his time at SFU including simple children’s exploration games, 3D immersive environments, and morality-based games with numerous narrative endings. Having completed his course work, Sean will be receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Interactive Arts & Technology from SFU. Sean continues to advocate for the recognition of other students’ work and his actions are admirable and completely selfless.


Shantelle Medel

Beneath One Sky Community Support Society / The Walk and Learn Program

Sometimes it is necessary for us to have a role model in our life- someone who sets a good example and always encourages others to make positive contributions to society. Shantelle Medel has done a tremendous job of being a citizen who has been able to show others that doing good deeds leads to even better results. She created a program known as, “Beneath One Sky” (BOS) in her final year of high school. It is a local, nonprofit organization that dedicated to bringing awareness and funding for poverty internationally. She is currently the Vice President of BOS while also working on other projects on behalf of the organization. In addition to creating BOS, Shantelle’s past endeavours include the creation of The Backpack Run in which volunteers a part of BOS donate and bring food, clothing and other items to the downtown east side as well as being the founder of the Walk and Learn Program. In this initiative, the goal is to bridge the gap for isolated seniors and ESL students. Another major accomplishment was receiving $13,000 in government grant funding for the Walk and Learn Program from the New Horizons for Seniors’ program. Shantelle is now scheduled to graduate in June 2016 from SFU with a Bachelor’s of Science in Honours Health Science with a minor in Gerontology.


Tyler Reid


Tyler's Firewood Company

It is easy to judge a book by its cover, but one is truly defined by their character and integrity. If we open up any chapter of Tyler Reid’s life it would involve being selfless, respectful, and caring for those around him. Despite many of his peers failing to pay attention to him, he made sure to always recognize those who were around him. After taking on a project by the request of his Great Uncle to collect wood to fuel fires, he had decided to turn his passion of collecting this resource into a viable business. He defied all odds, and has made Tyler’s Firewood Company into a respectable establishment. Being successful is one important element in life, but being philanthropic displays how generous and grateful one is for their success. He became an entrepreneur at the age of 14, and one can only commend his maturity and success within the community. Currently at 18 years of age, and entering his fifth year in business, Tyler has been able to partner up with Hazelmere RV Park and Campground, Victory Memorial Funeral Centre, Jacob Brothers Construction, RONA, as well as Echo Power Equipment. He has also donated several hundred dollars to the Semiahmoo House Society and can be seen volunteering there offering to sweep the floors or even help the staff set up equipment and furniture.






2016 Nomination Form coming soon!

The Judging Criteria is:

  • Must be working on/worked on a business or community project in Surrey (including students) and/or;
  • Must be working in the Surrey business community and/or;
  • Must be contributing/ have recently contributed to a business or community related project in Surrey and;
  • Must be 25 years of age or younger prior to May 27, 2016


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