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Surrey's Local Immigration Partnership Council Appoints Co-Chairs

Surrey’s newly formed “Local Immigration Partnership” (LIP) Council has appointed Surrey Councillor Judy Villeneuve and Surrey Board of Trade CEO Anita Huberman as its co-chairs for the 2014-2016 termThe LIP Council has been tasked by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to develop a strategy to strengthen the role of local communities in integrating newcomers 

“We want to ensure immigrants and refugees who chose to settle in Surrey lead successful and productive lives.  It is vital that all residents feel included and have opportunities to contribute and succeed, ” said City of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts. “Building on the City’s Welcoming Communities Project, the City is proud to provide leadership for this collaborative initiative with over 25 stakeholders and to partner with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).”


The City of Surrey signed a Contribution Agreement with CIC in March 2014 and will receive over $606,014 to establish a Surrey Local Immigration Partnership (LIP). Deliverables from 2014-2016 will include:


·         establishing a LIP Council;

·         conducting research and consultations; and

·         developing a Surrey Immigrant and Refugee Settlement Strategy and Action Plan.


“We are proud to collaborate with over 25 community stakeholders including the School District, Health Authority and our universities in the Local Immigration Partnership Project,” said Councillor Judy Villeneuve, who also chairs the City’s Social Policy Advisory Committee. “Together we will support the development of a coordinated and comprehensive approach to newcomer integration tailored to fit the unique needs of Surrey and further our goals as an inclusive and welcoming city.”


“Newcomers to Surrey often bring with them a wealth of knowledge, education, and skills, and it is to the city’s benefit to tap into these resources,” said Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade. “The Local Immigration Partnership will examine not only how to make newcomers feel more welcome in our community, but how we can help prospective employers attract and retain these skilled employees into our workforce.”


Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Local Immigration Partnership program supports community-based planning around the needs of newcomers.  For more information about the Surrey LIP visit


New Partnership formed between Surrey Board of Trade and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters-BC

A three-year cooperation agreement has been signed by the Surrey Board of Trade (SBOT) and the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters – British Columbia (CME-BC). The agreement was signed on August 7th, in the presence of Canada’s International Trade Minister Ed Fast, who was speaking to the Surrey Board of Trade at a business lunch.

CME and SBOT will collaborate to mutually support and fulfill both organizations’ mandates, which are complimentary and aligned to British Columbia, and more specifically Surrey’s manufacturing and exporting sectors.

Each organization will leverage each other’s resources and services to enhance their international trade, workplace/skills development, and government advocacy portfolios. In addition, promotion of initiatives like the Funding Portal and NRC’s Concierge service will be promoted to Surrey’s businesses as part of the joint efforts to enhance business competitiveness.

“As the Surrey Board of Trade builds its International Trade Centre, the Surrey Board of Trade is taking action to find opportunities to leverage international connections for both small and large businesses. The partnership between CME and the SBOT allows us to leverage each other’s resources to support the manufacturing industry sector. By focusing together on improving business competitiveness through policy change, workforce skills development, productivity and innovation programs, market growth and support for SME’s, the Surrey Board of Trade can tap into 10,000 leading companies nationwide through various initiatives in this partnership”, said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade

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Education Expansion at the Surrey Board of Trade - SBOT Partners with Small Business BC to Offer Webinars

The Surrey Board of Trade has created a new partnership with Small Business BC to provide businesses with the opportunity to take part in a number of webinars, in addition to the extensive in-person workshops the Surrey Board of Trade already provides. This will help businesses and their team members access educational workshops from their office, instead of being at the Surrey Board of Trade office in person.
"Through the convenience of technology, this is an efficient way for people to upgrade their skills in over 40 subject areas, from marketing to accounting to sales and more. Many of the instructors are small business owners themselves, and have real-life experiences to draw from. Whether you need help branding your business, hiring employees, managing operations or anything else, together, the Surrey Board of Trade and Small Business BC have an educational workshop to support your business and your team members," said Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade.

To take advantage of this service, view the Surrey Board of Trade's webinar calendar: (scroll to the bottom of the page):

And don't forget to check out the great in-person workshops that the Surrey Board of Trade provides in their conference room!

For more information, contact:

Anita Huberman
CEO, Surrey Board of Trade

101-14439 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3R 1M1



“Immediate Government Action Required to Head off Economic, Environmental and Social Catastrophe” 

Surrey, July 15, 2014 - Today, Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce from the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley released a new research study which concludes that $50 billion in economic development along the Lower Fraser River is at risk unless all levels of government act now to address the serious issues facing the river.

Without an integrated management strategy and adequate funding, “the Lower Fraser River is heading for potential economic, environmental and social disaster unless senior levels of government start dealing with issues now,” said the report’s principal author, Dave Park. “With over 300,000 people in the flood plain – and another one million expected to live in the region by 2040 – the risks are too great to ignore.”

The report was commissioned by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce in early 2013 with the Surrey Board of Trade, in partnership with 12 others Chambers and Boards, and the provincial government. The report was led by Dave Park, an independent economist and former Chief Economist for the Vancouver Board of Trade. Among the risks it identifies are:

  • inadequate flood protection infrastructure, which right now might not contain high tides in El Nino years; 
  • lack of action on annual sediment removal from spring freshets, which each year move over 30 million m3 of sediment and leave about 3 million m3 of silt in the navigation and secondary channels of the lower reaches; and, 
  • by the end of this century sea levels at the mouth of the river could potentially rise more than one meter due to climate change overtopping the diking system.

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