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Surrey Board of Trade Supports Mayor’s Regional Transportation Investment Vision - Wants BC Government to take leadership on referendum question 

The Surrey Board of Trade supports the TransLink Mayors’ Council Regional Transportation in their transportation vision, released today. The Mayor’s Council’s transportation vision clarifies the costs, priorities and phasing for investments and actions.

“We are pleased to see that the proposed funding mechanisms for this vision do not include an increase in property taxes, but rather a reallocation or re-structuring of the carbon tax to fund these needed transportation projects”, said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

“In addition, the components that speak specifically to Surrey that include the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge, implementation of light rail transit (LRT), as well as the provision of additional B-Line bus routes, rail upgrades, cycling and walking infrastructure upgrades, are in line with existing Surrey Board of Trade Transportation Policy.”

The Regional Transportation Investments for Metro Vancouver must go to the BC Government now for ratification and approval, and then a referendum question needs to be composed and released. There is a significant amount of public information and education necessary before the referendum can take place. The Surrey Board of Trade is asking the BC Government for a well thought out approach to ratify the transportation plan, implement a timeline on the composition and release of the question. The Surrey Board of Trade also urges the BC Government to not have the question aligned with the forthcoming municipal elections.

“The Surrey Board of Trade reiterates that there is insufficient time to launch a full public and stakeholder campaign on the referendum. We need timely and effective transportation investments. We need to respond quickly as we are in a global economy. The economic stakes are simply too high to risk a result that does not provide for the services as laid out in the plan. Anything less may jeopardize the future of this economic region.”

“What the Mayor’s Council issued today, is near perfect for the 23 Metro Vancouver partners. It is a responsible transportation plan that will support our regional economy and will benefit our business communities and residents,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

For more information on the 30-Year Transportation Strategy, please go to: 




To be inducted at the Surrey Board of Trade’s 50th Annual General Meeting and President’s Dinner on June 18th at Eaglequest Golf Course from 5:30-8:30pm is the new Chair of the Surrey Board of Trade, Gerard Bremault.

Gerard Bremault is the CEO of the Centre for Child Development, Child Development Foundation and Sophie's Place. Mr. Bremault will be the 51st Chair of the Surrey Board of Trade. He will serve a one-year term from July 2014-end of June 2015. This is a high profile volunteer position that helps to positively impact Surrey’s business community at levels of government and advances the success of the Surrey Board of Trade.

Shelley Besse, President, Envision Financial will be inducted as the 1st Vice-Chair.

The Surrey Board of Trade annual Board Director nomination process brought in the following new faces joining its Board of Directors by acclimation:

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Surrey Business Excellence Award Nominations Open Now

The Surrey Board of Trade is now accepting nominations for the 2014 Surrey Business Excellence Awards!
The Surrey Board of Trade Surrey Business Excellence Awards is accessible to all businesses. The objective of the awards is to help local businesses improve their performance while providing an introduction to business assessment and business excellence models.
Anyone can nominate a business or individual for a Surrey Business Excellence Award and self-nominations are accepted! A Surrey Board of Trade membership is not required, although the business must be based in Surrey and have a Surrey business license.

“The Surrey Board of Trade focuses on the strength and innovation within every entrepreneur to take an idea and use it as the foundation for building a business. They are inspirational – from the very small business to the large business to the not for profit service organization to the very innovative student entrepreneurs,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

The judging team’s evaluation will assess the following competencies: Organizational profile, Leadership, Strategy Development and Planning, Customer focus and market knowledge, Employee Learning and People Focus, Process Management, Supplier/Partner Focus, Community Involvement, Overall business performance.

Nominations are accepted in 7 different categories:
Category 1 – 1-10 Employees
Category 2 – 11-40 Employees
Category 3 – 41+ Employees
Category 4 – Not-for-Profit Organization
Category 5 – Business Person of the Year
Category 6 – New Business of the Year
Category 7 – Student Entrepreneur of the Year
For the full nomination form and criteria, go to

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Surrey Board of Trade wants delay on Bylaw 280 To Regulate Municipal Solid Waste And Recyclable Materials

The Surrey Board of Trade has been involved in Metro Vancouver's efforts to find solutions to the steadily growing issues around the waste disposal issues in Metro Vancouver.

We have followed, and frequently been in support of their efforts to increase recycling, deal with the problems of multi-unit housing, and in particular, those issues that affect the business community. We have also closely followed the discussions concerning the waste to energy proposals. This is a landmark piece of legislation with enormous economic and philosophical ramifications for the business community (as well as individual taxpayers).  The Surrey Board of Trade recommends:

  1. That the BC Government and Metro Vancouver take a cautious approach to Bylaw 280 to take the necessary steps that will ensure a more comprehensive, simple understanding of Bylaw 280 amongst the business community in terms of its impacts on the cost of doing business and to the future of waste management. The BC Government and Metro Vancouver need to be receptive to feedback from the business community.

  2. That the BC Government and Metro Vancouver delay signing Bylaw 280 to allow time to assess the ramifications of MMBC and other changes to garbage collections taking place currently.

  3. That the BC Government impose conditions on Metro Vancouver if Bylaw 280 is approved, that would ensure that municipal solid waste is managed in a cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner, that ensures no unintended financial impacts to local taxpayers and that opportunities to maximize waste diversion through private sector participation are clearly defined and realized. Further, there needs to be scheduled review periods of the bylaw.

The Surrey Board of Trade wants to work together with the BC Government and Metro Vancouver to create a world-class waste management system. The Surrey Board of Trade will continue to receive and consider additional information that stakeholders will provide.

A Bylaw To Regulate Municipal Solid Waste And Recyclable Materials

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