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To be inducted at the Surrey Board of Trade’s 50th Annual General Meeting and President’s Dinner on June 18th at Eaglequest Golf Course from 5:30-8:30pm is the new Chair of the Surrey Board of Trade, Gerard Bremault.

Gerard Bremault is the CEO of the Centre for Child Development, Child Development Foundation and Sophie's Place. Mr. Bremault will be the 51st Chair of the Surrey Board of Trade. He will serve a one-year term from July 2014-end of June 2015. This is a high profile volunteer position that helps to positively impact Surrey’s business community at levels of government and advances the success of the Surrey Board of Trade.

Shelley Besse, President, Envision Financial will be inducted as the 1st Vice-Chair.

The Surrey Board of Trade annual Board Director nomination process brought in the following new faces joining its Board of Directors by acclimation:

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Surrey Board of Trade wants delay on Bylaw 280 To Regulate Municipal Solid Waste And Recyclable Materials

The Surrey Board of Trade has been involved in Metro Vancouver's efforts to find solutions to the steadily growing issues around the waste disposal issues in Metro Vancouver.

We have followed, and frequently been in support of their efforts to increase recycling, deal with the problems of multi-unit housing, and in particular, those issues that affect the business community. We have also closely followed the discussions concerning the waste to energy proposals. This is a landmark piece of legislation with enormous economic and philosophical ramifications for the business community (as well as individual taxpayers).  The Surrey Board of Trade recommends:

  1. That the BC Government and Metro Vancouver take a cautious approach to Bylaw 280 to take the necessary steps that will ensure a more comprehensive, simple understanding of Bylaw 280 amongst the business community in terms of its impacts on the cost of doing business and to the future of waste management. The BC Government and Metro Vancouver need to be receptive to feedback from the business community.

  2. That the BC Government and Metro Vancouver delay signing Bylaw 280 to allow time to assess the ramifications of MMBC and other changes to garbage collections taking place currently.

  3. That the BC Government impose conditions on Metro Vancouver if Bylaw 280 is approved, that would ensure that municipal solid waste is managed in a cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner, that ensures no unintended financial impacts to local taxpayers and that opportunities to maximize waste diversion through private sector participation are clearly defined and realized. Further, there needs to be scheduled review periods of the bylaw.

The Surrey Board of Trade wants to work together with the BC Government and Metro Vancouver to create a world-class waste management system. The Surrey Board of Trade will continue to receive and consider additional information that stakeholders will provide.

A Bylaw To Regulate Municipal Solid Waste And Recyclable Materials

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Surrey Board of Trade wants proposed trademark revisions to Bill C-31, Trademarks Act delayed

Trademarks are among the most important assets of any business, symbolizing valuable goodwill. The economy benefits from the adoption and launch of improved and innovative products, which are usually associated with new trademarks. It is therefore important to businesses to be able to clear new marks with the least cost, risk, and delay. Consumers also need the certainty that comes from distinctive marks that represent products and services actually sold. By permitting registration of trademarks without use, anywhere, but putting no limits on the rights of such registrants, the proposed legislation threatens to impede the launch of new products and services, upset the balance between businesses who choose to immediately register their marks and those who don’t, and confuse consumers. 

"At every stage of the selection, use, registration and enforcement of trademarks, the proposed legislation will significantly increase the costs and risks to business, and is likely to add significant uncertainty and delay in launching new goods and services. We've sent a letter to Canadian Finance Minister Oliver and hope to get a response soon," said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

The current legislation restricts registration unless the mark is used in Canada or registered and used abroad, and only permits registration for goods and services actually in use. The registrant has the onus of making a truthful claim to use. With use no longer required for registration, as proposed, it is most certain that many trademarks will be filed and registered without use anywhere, and for long lists of goods and services that might never be sold. In fact, the transition provisions in Bill C-31 will likely result in tens of thousands of new trademark registrations, for enormous lists of goods and services, almost overnight. At the same time, the proposals include no limits on the rights of registrants – these overbroad registrations will block new applications, and could be used to both oppose new applications, and threaten infringement. The situation is akin to the early days of domain names, with the same potential for pirates and profiteering, as has already been shown to occur in other jurisdictions such as China. It will particularly prejudice small and medium businesses that have not yet had the chance to devote valuable startup resources to trademark protection.

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2014 Surrey Innovation Award Winners




















Guests gathered in the ballroom of a successful inaugural Surrey Innovation Awards Dinner.  The event held on Wednesday, May 21st by the Surrey Board of Trade, in partnership with Lexxon Training, brought together business people from Surrey and throughout the Lower Mainland to recognize the successes of local innovative companies and individuals. The full room of members of the business community mingled during the cocktail reception and International Trade Show. Master of Ceremonies Peter Legge of Canada Wide Media Ltd. led the formal part of the program, hearing from City of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services, the Hon. Andrew Wilkinson and President of WestJet Encore, Ferio Pugliese, before the award winners were revealed. Prior to the dinner, a panel of speakers entertained the crowd with an informative session, hearing about 5 different aspects of innovation. The topics and their speakers were:

Darren Jacklin – Management Innovation
Diane Taylor – Human Resources Innovation
David Reeve – Entrepreneurial Innovation
Bosco Anthony – Digital Story Telling
Andrew Woods, MBA – Diversity Innovation

The Surrey Board of Trade proudly presented the awards to the following businesses:

Young Innovator Category sponsored by Port Metro Vancouver
Winner: Sean Bindra

Recognizing that bullying is prevalent across our nation, and being a victim of bullying himself, Sean Bindra set out on a 7 week journey to single-handedly organize a flash mob of 600 plus students to bring awareness to the issue. The event received significant media coverage from outlets across Canada, with recognition from BC Premier Christy Clark and Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts. This exposure has brought mass awareness to the issue of bullying.

Excellence in Innovation Category sponsored by Century Group
Winner: SOFTAC Systems Ltd.

SOFTAC Systems Ltd. designed and manufactured an earthquake early warning, automatic utility shut-down device. Coined QuakeTrip, the device gives valuable seconds of warning before shutting off electrical and gas supplies to the building and preventing it from being restored until the building has been properly checked, reducing the risk of fire following an earthquake. QuakeTrip is the only comprehensive device of its kind, and can also control water line valves, the flow through LNG lines and oil pipelines, and acts as a warning device.

The Surrey Board of Trade sincerely thanks everyone that made this event possible – without sponsors we simply could not recognize or do the work that we do to support and attract business to Surrey.

Presenting Sponsor: Simon Fraser University
Award Sponsors: Century Group and Port Metro Vancouver
Media Sponsors: BCBusiness and CKNW
Print Sponsor: Classic Impressions

The event wrapped up with an awareness of the fundamental importance innovation has to business and the economy in BC and Canada.